DeepSkyStacker 4.2

Stack, edit, and enhance your night sky photographs
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Night sky photography is the pastime of many people. A common problem is that, when you take a photograph of the stars, the camera may add some noise to the image to compensate the variations between light and dark values. One solution is to take several photos of the same spot and blend them into one, a process called 'stacking'.

This program allows you to register the desired photographs and perform the stacking in an easy and straightforward manner. You may choose to stack light, dark, or flat files to obtain the best image you can. If you are photographing a comet, you can set its position in your picture. You can also adjust the gamma of the image to visualize faint objects.

If the photos do not match exactly and an offset exists, you can correct it using the corresponding feature. Also, you can add or remove stars from the image so it will show only those stars you want.

You can preview the different photos on-screen, as well as edit them by changing the RGB/K, the saturation, and the luminance values.

In sum, this program will be very useful for you if you enjoy taking pictures of the stars. And the best part is that it is absolutely free.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Edit saturation and luminance
  • Visualize faint objects
  • Merge photos
  • Add or remove stars


  • It's only for night sky photographers
  • Sometimes, images can't be stacked
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